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introduction to Digital Marketing Course for College

Branding on digital platforms is the key to the marketing success of a lot of companies today. Owing to this, companies are keen on hiring talent will help them achieve just this.

OMiT offers your students customized digital marketing courses that can place them in the league of these companies and mold them to be exactly what the recruiters are looking for.

The Digital Marketing modules that your students will be introduced to are designed by our experts who have been active in the industry for over 8 years. All the course material is made available to the students online for ease of access. They can also learn through virtual reality classrooms and work on real-time projects to hone their skills.

Our course includes a wide range of topics from Social Media Marketing to Google Adwords, along with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Digital Advertising, and so much more.

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What are the benefits of Digital Marketing Course in OMiT?

OMiT is known for its strategic training development program in the market. OMiT trains you with Hands on experience – live training, and provides 100% job placement along with life time support in digital marketing industry.

Does OMiT Provide 100% Job Placement For Our Students in Digital Marketing?

Yes, OMiT does provide 100% guaranteed placement services for eligible students, placements are provided in top MNC’s, Digital Marketing Agencies, & Top E-commerce and all the types of companies in Bangalore.

What are the Certificates colleges get in OMiT's Digital Marketing Course?

Google Analytics, Google Adwords & OMiT Certificate

Is live training means ‘Hands on experience?’

Yes, your students will be assigned on real time project by OMiT and your students need to perform your best to see the results

How much the faculties of OMiT carries experience?

OMiT faculty carries over 8+ years of experience in the industry with real time case studies and success stories. To know more please visit faculty page.

How much the faculties of OMiT carries experience in Training College Students?

OMiT have trained top colleges in Bangalore with real time case studies and success stories.

How Digital Marketing Course Help Our Students in Interviews?

Our training will improve students IQ skills and our mock interviews will help them crack interviews easily. Most of the companies are looking for candidates with digital marketing skills

How Digital Marketing Course Help Our College?

Digital marketing questions are very common in campus interviews and our course will help your students clear the exams easily. Added curriculum for students and most of the students are looking for colleges with digital marketing as a part of course.


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