Is YouTube Red the Google’s next Billion Dollor project ?

Youtube Red

What is YouTube Red?

YouTube Red is monthly subscription service from YouTube that removes advertisements from videos. Launched in November 2014. By paying for a Red subscription i.e $ 10/month, users will be able to get rid of ads while still supporting their favorite channels.


Why would users subscribe for 10$?  When users can install AdBlock

Of course, users can install AdBlock.

But YouTube Red offers the below features.

  • Advertising-free streaming of videos, shows, and movies
  • Offline play
  • Background playback of videos on mobile devices
  • Ad-free music streaming
  • YouTube Red Original series and films
  • YouTube Red comes with a subscription to the Google Play Music streaming service for $10.

Also, The Wall Street Journal reported YouTube is “seeking streaming rights to movies and TV Series.” to acquire the rights to full-length movies and television series. Now YouTube might be thinking to compete with other subscription-based services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.


Will there be a shift in Video Market?


Video statistics

YouTube Red which was available in five countries the United States, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, and South Korea. As per Search Engine recent article claims YouTube Red is available in 100 countries by end of 2018. The goal of any video marketing is to capture the attention of viewers who are actually looking for the exact content, rather than people being forced view your ad. Eventually, YouTube Red will not affect the advertisers. But you may have to begin the strategies how to grab viewers attention through organic. Also YouTube Red claims YouTube Red channels may get a payout of 55 percent of revenue, based on watch time.


Will YouTube revenue will increase with YouTube Red?



Yes, Red has increased revenue for YouTubers.

Normally ad revenue on YouTube is based on auctioned ads. This limits revenue because it’s based on the maximum anyone is willing to pay, and you are only paid when an ad is actually shown, which is typically less than 50% of the time. With YouTube Red, now users are paid every time a Red subscriber watches one of your videos. However, I am not sure how much that is, and it probably depends on watch time, but revenue has definitely gone up since YouTube Red was launched.    


Final Thoughts

$10 a month just to remove ads?

YouTube the massive video platform and the world’s 2nd largest search engine after Google is trying to become next Netflix. Well, the challenge is will subscribers pay 10$ to view the videos or stream which is now free of a cost just to skip ads?.

Red might benefit channels to a greater or lesser extent for users who would like to surf without disrupting, it might be useful for students and other users who would like to use youtube as a source of education and for other purposes.

That’s just my opinion, but what do you think is the future of YouTube Red?  

Comment your thoughts.

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