Why Digital Marketing Career in India is Beneficial?

Digital Marketing Career Overview

Digital Marketing, the new trend in the marketing industry which is growing at a pace of 20-40% RATE in India since 2012, you name any service or company it will be present in online, because people are searching services or products before they make buying decision.

That’s how online/digital marketing found its way in India and rest of the world. Companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Snap deal, came into big picture of online selling portal for consumers which made people life easier and change the pattern of shopping. Before 2012 people were scared to share their credit card details in online due to lack of security concern, but now thanks to the technology which has taken care of consumer fear.

How is Digital Marketing Career a coolest and beneficial?

However, coming to point why Digital Marketing Career is the coolest one. As a digital marketing person you will have various roles and responsibilities based on your expertise and interest.

digital marketing career

For example if you have good knowledge and understand in digital marketing then you can be the campaign manager or digital marketing manager. Isn’t it sound awesome, hence to become campaign manager or digital marketing manager at least you need to have 5-8 years of experience and depth knowledge about the same. Hence to start of digital career what you can do is you can join O.M.i.T’s 6 months digital marketing training where they are placing candidates with 100% rate in digital marketing career at executive level or analyst or strategist level.


How O.M.I.T can help you in getting digital marketing job?

O.M.i.T basically concentrates into 2 parts, 1st one is classroom training for 60 days and 2nd is live project training for 120 and days placing the candidates in Digital Marketing Sector PAN India. While candidates are working on live projects they get appreciation salary as well which is for 4 months. O.M.i.T make sure candidate after 6 month of training has gained depth knowledge about Digital Marketing and know how to implement strategies from day 1 after they are placed.

Then what are you waiting for contact O.M.i.T today and enrol yourself for Digital Marketing Training in Bangalore and earn the coolest job.

To contact O.M.i.T click here – www.omit.in or you can write a mail to info@omit.in

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