How to use Facebook Pixel

What is Facebook Pixel? How does it work? 


Facebook pixel


Facebook Pixel is a tool provided by Facebook in order to measure the effectiveness of ads by understanding people taking action on the website. Pixels can be used for –  


  1. Make sure ads are shown to exact target audience who means your business.
  2. Create Brand identity in Facebook Market for business.
  3. Also to unlock various features of Facebook ad tools.


In fact, Facebook pixels helps to remarket the service/product to the user when the user check your website and then visit Facebook after some time. (Remember to run Conversions ad option)

Ex: If a user visit Amazon and click on men’s watch, but the user does not  checkout or don’t buy, then after a while, when the user visits Facebook, the same men’s watch products will be shown on users Facebook news feed.


So how to create Facebook Pixel?


Step 1: The first step is to create a page for your business.


Once a page is created, click on create ads, and then click on top corner ‘page’ icon, and again click on the settings icon on the right top corner. You will see on your left top corner the icon to enter more options, once user clicks on more options then the user will be able to see the ‘pixels’. Click on pixels to create, then user would see the below image.

how to add facebook pixel


Step 2:


Once the user creates pixel for the business name, give the name to Facebook Pixel Code like mentioned in the below image.

pixel code

Step 3:

Once the pixel is created, then Facebook will pop with the screen with installation steps, follow the steps carefully as mentioned in the below image.

Install facebook pixel


The user can select the above-mentioned options, users can go with any one of them, if you know how to edit website then we strongly recommend the manual installation steps. Or else Email the instructions to a developer.


Step 4: Verify the pixel if it is installed correctly or not.

set up facebook pixel


Once the user is done with Facebook Pixel Installation, then user can go to ‘Create Ads’ under Facebook ad options, then click on Conversion option to start creating a brand identity for the business.


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