How to Track Your Ad Performance & Competition with Auction Insights

 Auction insights


What is Auction Insights

Auction insights is a tool which gives complete details about how the ads and the competitor’s ads are performing in the same auction.

By using the statistics given by auction insights you can plan your bidding, budget and to improve your ads in areas which it is not performing well.

These data can be seen in the campaign, ad groups or for your keywords

There is an option to segment the data by Time and Device

These information’s will help in strategies of the ad campaigns to get better results


Auction insights reports for search campaigns will differ from shopping campaign

Auction insights will give 6 different key statistics for Search Campaigns and 3 key statistics for Shopping Campaigns


Statistics of Auctions Insights

Impression share value – How many times your ad was shown in the auction (How many impression you received divided by impressions you were eligible to get)

AVG position – Avg. position of a ads in the auction (For the given date range)SEARCH CAMPAIGN ONLY

Overlap rate – How many times the competitor’s ads received an impression in the same auction where your ad was also shown

Outranking share – How many times your ad was shown at the top compared to your competitor

Top of the page rate – How many times your ad was at the top of the page (auction) compare to your competitors SEARCH CAMPAIGN ONLY

Position above rate – How many times your competitor’s ad was shown higher than your ad in the same auction SEARCH CAMPAIGN ONLY


How Auction insights statistics are calculated:

Impression share value

The Impression share value eligibility is calculated by ad approval status, bidding and the quality score.

Where else for shopping ads it uses your overall all ad quality and ad relevancy to calculate the Impression share value (eligibility)

Overlap rate

Example –

If you see 70% as a over lap rate for a participant in the Auction Insights that means 7 out of every 10 times your ads is shown with the other participant.

Avg. Position –

Example –

If you see ‘2’ as your Avg position that means your ads is ranking in the second position compared to the other participants in the same auction

Position above rate

If you see a participants Position above rate as 7% it means that competitors ad was shown above your ad every 7 of 100 times in the same auction

Top of the page rate –

If you see 70% as your top of page rate that means your ads was shown at the top of the page 7 out of every 10 times compared to the other participant’s ads which were shown in the same auction


How Will Auction insights help?

To see how you are performing in the auction comparing to your competitors

To see which are the areas your ad is falling in the auction

Helps to determine the plan for a better ad

Helps in determining the bid and to improve your position


Auction Insights


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To conclude

You can filter the statistics of Auction insight based on your campaign details. By tracking these statistics you can manage your ad performance and can improve it.

By using Auction insights it’s easy to set benchmarks and to create your future plan for better and successful campaigns.

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