OMiT’s 100% Placement Secret in Digital Marketing

OMiT’s 100% Placement Secret: Revealed to Digital Marketing Students and Employers.

2-compressor“The best practices should be shared”. People wonder how OMiT can place every student constantly. It is a firm practice which we urge to share with Digital Marketing Industry to supply Qualified Digital Marketers. We aim at the sky of “Quality”, landing on earth of “Business Ethics” and the best practice will bridge the distance.

Sourcing of companies
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Getting right companies and placing our students in right companies is a key to build a brand in the placement process. We follow below methods to find good companies and create various types of job opportunities for students to prove their calibre.

  • Social Media Channels

You can Leverage Social media channels in identifying better companies. FaceBook and LinkedIn are best channels to find the openings in companies. But in most of the FaceBook posts, JD and company name will be unclear. So it is better to get in touch with the given contact and get the details.

  • Job portals

There are many job portals with lots job vacancies but we rarely found quality openings. However, we still work on this option also with free versions.

  • Reference from Ex students

Alumni’s has a better bonding with us still because of the quality we maintained and efforts we put in placing them. In turn they are referring our students to their companies when they have openings. In this way we are able to place many students.

  • Coordination with Job Consultancies

We have built a strong network with job consultancies and they are approaching us regularly in case of requirements. This is kind of strong source to get job vacancies.

  • Direct Enquiries

The high quality in training and Brand name we created in the market, we get regular enquiries for hiring our students in their companies. We could successfully place many students through direct enquiries.



The motive of every student who joins Digital Marketing is to make a better career, irrespective of what background they are from. The different background of students led to diversity and channelizing the efforts of everyone in the same direction is a challenge for the Digital Marketing institutes. Below are some of the practices would support to drive every student into Digital Marketing.

  • Score Card

Have a pre defined score card which should look like a time table for the entire course. Every week conduct Presentations, Q n A sessions, Online tests and assign scores for every individual. This will build competition and inculcate the learning spirit.

  • Resume build

Have a sample resume and send it to students once the course is completed. Ask students to prepare a resume with the same format but without copy paste of the content. Students should mention only those topics in which he is confident and can answers questions raised by the interviewer because most of the interviewers refer resume to ask questions.

  • Mock Interview

Before you send candidates for interview have mock interviews in your institute. It will give you the idea about the student’s knowledge level and interview skills. Give them the necessary suggestions to improve the areas he/she is lagging behind.

  • Revision Classes

If any student is unclear on the topics, better to have revision class or arrange them to attend the other batch class where the same topics are covering. This will really enhance the confidence of the student.

  • Individual Attention

Having said already on diversity among students, it is very important to have individual attention on each student and make effort to drive everyone in the same phase. It’s a training skill and supporting to that OMiT admits a minimum number of students only per batch.

  • Advanced training modules and skills

The training modules we follow are up to the industry standard along with live projects. This will enhance the student’s confidence level in attending an interview.

Best Practices

4-compressorIn order to leverage the opportunity of Digital Marketing jobs and fulfil the need with quality, we have adopted the below best practices.

  • Identify the student’s area of expertise

By students performance in the class and mock interviews, we can identify the area of expertise of a student. We suggest openings based on their best knowledge level. Example if a student is good in SEO then we focus more on SEO related jobs.

  • Check Online Reputation of the companies

If any approach from the new company, we check online reviews of the company. We don’t prefer to send our candidates to companies with poor ORM. In this way, we build trust among students and maintain a reputation with companies.

  • JD and Student skill set

We always try to have proper JD and check the students who are matching to the requirement. Prioritise such students for an interview first. By this technique, we could increase our success rate.

  • Maintaining tracker

We use some tools to track the entire process of placement. We always maintain data like the company, source, contact details, available vacancy, JD, Location, Status, students attended interview and students who got selected.

  • Better Coordination

Effective coordination with students and companies on time will deliver a better result. When more number of students are there to place and dealing with many companies, we need to be on top of the process to achieve success.

  • Feedback

We try to take feedback from the interviewers all the time but everyone will not provide it. However, it is not good practice to seek feedback and work on feedback.

Adhere to the principles.


OMiT always operates with Ethics and Principles. We never compromise with our principles at any circumstances. This has really helped us in maintaining quality and achieve 100% placement.

  • Maximum 10 students per batch

We always admit maximum 10 students only to a batch in order to attain individual attention on each student as already said.

  • Take demo class for enquiries who are in dilemma

Some enquiries will not have clarity on digital marketing. In such case, we take mandatory demo class to give clarity, if they convinced then we proceed to admission. This will help to have quality students.

  • Check capability of an enquired person

If we feel that the person is not capable doing digital marketing due to any reason, we will not admit such person.

  • Maintain transparency in discussion

We clearly explain all the terms and conditions with respect to placements before taking admission and this transparent discussion gained trust and faith.

To conclude, the success in placements will take the institute towards success and placements will be successful only if the institute maintains quality in its operations. OMiT is always driving towards quality and it’s the only way to achieve 100% placement. OMiT is the right place for you to start your career in Digital Marketing. Contact us on to get Digital Marketing Experts or to make your career.

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