Why you need to focus on Bing Ads for your Business

Bing Ads

Whenever we plan for an Advertisement on search engines especially PPC campaigns we always end up with Google.


Of course, Google has the majority of world’s population and search engine market share


But as a marketer, we have to opt for all possible ways to reach our customers.


Most of the people ignore Bing because they think no one uses It.




Compared to the previous year Bing has shown a potential growth in the search engine market. Of course, Google has the maximum of PPC market share and search engine Market share, but it doesn’t mean that Bing should be ignored

Actually, Bings Ad platform offers us a lot of great features and some are even better than Google Adwords platform.


Here, we are going to see the major benefits of using Bing as an Advertising platform.


Reasons to Focus on Bing Ads for your business:


  1. Less Competition & Less CPC:


                                              If you see Google, the average CPC rates are really so high. Of course, we all know that Google has a large number of traffic base and competition compared to all other search engines. But for a small or medium scale business, Google looks like a “Catastrophe”. On the other hand, Bing offers cheaper CPC with less Competition which guarantees a better Ad position for the marketers.


 2.  Campaign and Ad group targeting:


                                              In Google, we are restricted to make or ad changes at the campaign level, like Ad rotation, location, language and ad scheduling. But Bing goes a step forward and allows us to set different strategies and targeting option in the Ad group level itself, which gives us more control. So we don’t have to create new campaigns every time for different targeting methods.


     3. Device targeting:


                                           In Google Adwords, your ads go to all possible devices and you can do bid adjustments for devices accordingly, but you cant remove desktops and target only mobile & tablets.

Whereas in Bing, you can increase or decrease your bid for desktop, mobile and tablets and also you can completely ignore you desktop devices and focus only on mobile devices.


     4. Better control over Demographics:


                                        In Adwords, we can control the demographics of our campaign only in Display Networks but not in Search Network.

                                        But Bing gives us an option to have a complete control over Demographics in Search network too. You can adjust your Age and Gender demographics in the Campaign level or in the Adgroup level also. This particular targeting method gives advertisers a better option to create more targeted Campaigns or Adgroups.


    5. Control Over Search Partners targeting:


                                       Google Adwords allows us to create campaigns targeting the search network and search network with search partners also. But you can’t exclude a specific partner site or you cant see which search partners are giving you a good number of traffic.

                                       Whereas, Bing offers you this option where you can include or exclude a specific partner site. And also it shows the statistics of your ad performance in each and every search partner sites.


   6. Image Extension:


                                Visuals always play a major role in grabbing the attention of people. Bing offers you Image extension where you can add images to your Ad copy. This is actually a unique extension which Adwords is missing.


To Conclude


                     Bing gives us a lot of option which Adwords fail to. But still, Adwords hold the Market and has a huge audience base.

                     We are not saying you to shift from Adwords to Bing Ads which is quite crazy as everyone knows but it is a very good practice to consider Bing also as a good platform or a good chance to grow your customer base.


                Using Adwords and Bing Ad simultaneously will help you achieve a good traffic and conversions.

                   “We can never say that all your customers will be available only on One particular platform”


Why Bing Ads

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