Is SEO Dead?

SEO IS DEAD – True or False?

So, Is SEO dead?


This is not the first or the last “death” of SEO. Over the years, there have been multiple occasions at which people claimed that SEO is going to die – but it hasn’t happened so far, and it isn’t going to either.

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of ranking your website on the Search Engine Results Page organically. This is irrespective of whether the techniques are white, grey or black hat. So, saying that SEO is dead because some techniques of SEO are not going to work anymore doesn’t add up.

Many of the people who claim SEO is dead are saying so because their SEO efforts haven’t given them results. But it is important for people to remember that every business, every website is unique and needs a different strategy. Something that works for someone else isn’t necessarily going to work for you. You have to optimise your website after looking at all the different techniques – see what works for you, and then stick to that strategy. Trial and Error is what will give you what works for your website – it won’t happen with one try. A e-commerce website can’t have the same strategy as a restaurant’s website.

In addition to this, it is very important to use the right techniques and stay updated on algorithm changes and trends, and content should not only be relevant but valuable to the user as well.

What People are Saying vs What we have to say about SEO


  1. “If it doesn’t die now, it will soon
     SEO is nowhere close to dying. In fact, with all the algorithm updates and the increase in voice search and the importance of the user experience, SEO is only becoming more important.
  2. “Content is going to replace SEO
     Content and SEO go together. The importance of quality content is increasing every day, but that doesn’t mean SEO is less important now. Quality content helps with SEO, but if the website hasn’t been optimised well enough already, what is the point of this quality content?
  3. “The old SEO is dead”
    That still means that SEO is alive.
    Yes, SEO has changed a lot, but it always has and always will keep changing.  It is very dynamic and to get good results one needs to be updated. If so much effort is being put into updating algorithms and ranking factors, that just shows that SEO is definitely important.

Why is SEO more important now than ever?


  • There have been many new algorithms and updates over the years, which have only made SEO stronger – not weaker.
  • These have looked into practices that were used as tricks to rank easier – like spamming and keyword stuffing – and many others that today we avoid to prevent being penalised.  
  • Today, since there are much more mobile search queries than desktop, it is important for every website to not only have a mobile version but this version should also provide a great user experience. Failing to do so can lead to penalties in the form of lower ranks.
  • Voice Search is upcoming, and updates are being directed towards providing better and more accurate results for these searches.
  • While searching via voice, people use conversational language, and it is important for websites to take this into consideration while choosing keywords.


SEO is most certainly not dead. Rumours about SEO dying are as old as SEO itself. Once these start, multiple people will start writing blogs about it, but the majority of these are always about the rumours being false. The Death of SEO is a recurring trend that we have seen many times before, and we will continue to see – but we don’t need to worry about it anytime soon.

Happy Optimising!
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