How to Integrate Instagram Ads Strategies in your Business

Learn the best Ad Strategies for your business to opt for Instagram


About Instagram

Instagram is one of the internet based or mobile application based social media channel to share images/videos to public or to share privately with the account followers.

Instagram was launched on 6th October 2010, founders are Kevin systrom & Mike Krieger, later bought by Facebook Inc for 1 Billion $ in 2012.

At present, the number of active users in Instagram is 800 Million (Source:  

Instagram has the most of young users compare to other social media channels (13-25)

Running ads on Instagram is ice on the cake, basically two options are available one from Facebook ad account/business manager account & other from Instagram app itself


Mobile Ad options in Instagram (Refer below screenshot)

instagram ads


Instagram provides three options to target ads as mentioned above. Option one is about getting more users to visit your profile, option two talks on getting clicks and traffic to your business website and the third option are about local reach based on the address you give in your Facebook Page.


Instagram allows to run ads only for business account/page but not for a personal account. Instagram has the option to switch from personal account to business account from settings.  


The best ad practices on Instagram!

  • Keep text as low as possible.Best instagram ads


  • Have 1080*1080 pixel image which relates to Ad offerings  (frame)



  • Avoid funny liners or liners which bombards about ad, instead keep it simple and clear, let users visit the web page and then decide about your offers.

Insta ads


  • This platform is not to sell your products/services, it is only to create awareness

ad example


  • Let users decide to buy or not ( Free Watch )

ads on instagram


  • Have brand colours associated with ad image

Instagram advertisement


  • Make sure the ad copy is best in text and simple for users to understand.  

ad on instagram


  • Talk about USP in your image.

insta ad


According to research the social media users first see your image (90%) and then decide to read the content. Hence having an attractive image on your ad copy is very important.


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