How to use Social Media for your Business

social media

What is Social Media?

Social media is a place where people connect with individuals, participate in groups, communicate with friends and followers by using various available social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr and many more. From a ‘Business’ point of view, social media is a place where you connect with people related to your business and build a brand for your organization/personality.  

Social Media Channels:

  1. Facebook: A platform for FMCG, E-commerce, Apparel, Electronic Products
  2. Twitter: A platform to build brand, create identity, connect with users
  3. LinkedIn: A platform for B2B, B2C (Financial Institutions)
  4. Google Plus: A platform for all, communities, links, & SEO
  5. Instagram: A platform for Food & Beverages, Tourism, Travel
  6. Pinterest: A platform for links, infographics & SEO
  7. YouTube: A platform for Brand Building
  8. Tumblr: A platform for links, & SEO

More Visibility + More Credibility = More Conversions

Every business owner looks for conversions. Eventually, they fail to understand the importance of ‘Visibility’. Social Media gives you immense opportunity to showcase your services/products to your target audience. It’s up to individuals as to how they use these ‘Gold Chunk’ platforms to get more visibility.

Stop Faking!  

If you think you can generate more business by generating fake likes, or engagement by using certain available tools in social media then you’re wrong. Don’t fall for posts on Facebook which claim they can sell you an audience for a very small price. Always remember nothing comes at ‘cheap’ rate.


These are the eight simple steps to use Social Media Positively:


  1. Make sure your posts are related to your business only
  2. Don’t talk negative about anything on social media
  3. Gain the trust of your audience by having prompt responses to messages and posts.
  4. Ask for reviews or feedback from your customers.
  5. Do say ‘Sorry’ if in case you have committed a mistake, do not justify your mistake.
  6. Build an audience organically rather than promoted one
  7. Let your content (Video Content is recommended) speak for you
  8. Promote your content to your specific target audience.     


I’d love to conclude this topic by saying ‘deliver slightly above than expected to your target audience.


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