How to get Higher Quality Score in Google Adwords

Increase your quality score


Since there are trillions of users online and who search every day for your business and services, I recommend you to run advertisement through Google Adwords. Google Adwords consist of 6 types of advertisement in which Search Network Only ads can be run by any type of advertiser. In Search Only Network Ads the most important element is Quality Score and quality score can increase your ads ranking on top position and as well as decrease the CPC (cost per click) which means if your quality score is high then you get more return on investment than your competitors. Now let us discuss on how to get the higher quality score in Google Adwords.


Top tips to get Higher Quality Score in Google Adwords:


  1. Choosing the Right Keywords:

          Keywords are the main sources to fetch you the right customers which means choosing the right keywords we reach the niche audience.

For example: if you want to reach people who are searching for “digital marketing course” then choose keywords which very close variant of “digital marketing course” such as “Digital marketing training” “digital marketing institute” and so on.

One of the most important factor to get the higher quality score in Google Adwords is to add long tail keywords with less competition in the beginning than adding short tail keywords with high competition, because you know in the beginning you have to do lot of AB testing.


2. Keyword Match Types:

As you know there are four match types broad match, broad modifier, phrase match and exact match. Try using Phrase and Exact Match at the beginning of your campaign

Creating different ad groups with different match types will avoid keywords competing with each other and give you better quality score as well as wider reach.


3. Create more landing pages for according to keywords to improve Landing Page experience:

           One thing which small or large companies fail to do with landing pages is creating one landing page for all the keywords rather than creating separate landing pages.So create different landing pages for different keywords

For Example: If you have four different keywords such as “SEO Training” “SEM Training” and “Social Media Training”. Create different landing for top category keywords and if possible even for keywords such as “digital marketing training”, digital marketing course” and so on.

By adding keywords, proper navigation, USP, Promotional Offers and call to action application you will improve your landing page experience.


4. The Most important part is increasing Ad Relevance by creating separate Adgroups:

Create Theme for Campaigns and Ad groups as per your product and services. If you have a product such as “shoes” then think about words which would reach your exact target customer as well as give you better quality score by creating campaigns different for “Sneakers” “Sports Shoes” “Basketball Shoes”.

Next step is to create different adgroups with most similar keywords, create adgroup for all similar keywords of “Adidas running shoes” and create an ad group for “red tape formal shoes” keywords. By this, you will increase the Ad relevance and get the higher quality score.


5. Increasing Expected Click Through Rate to get Higher Quality Score:

Many beginners wonder how do I get higher clicks through my ads? That is where expected click-through rate comes into picture its all about what users want rather than concentrating on only keywords now.

You would have seen bigger brand showing offers in other media channels, “Yes” we have to do the same here as well. We have to give promotional offers to users such as “10% OFF”, “Buy One Get One” and so on. These offers should be highlighted in headline 2, Description and Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions:

There are ad extensions such as Call Out, Price, Structured Snippet and Sitelink extension which can improve our AD Rank as well as quality score.

Second thing is to highlight your USP (unique selling proposition) on your ads and description.

Finally, we add call to actions such as “Enquire Now” “Buy Now” and “Book Now”


As we all know the impact of quality score gives you the higher return on investment because if quality score increases then ad rank increases and CPC decreases.


Increase quality score

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So these were the some of the ways I have found to get the higher quality score if you know any please don’t forget to comment below. If in case you want to learn more about digital marketing then click on digital marketing course

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