Facebook Messenger Chatbots: What is it? Why do we need them?

FB Chatbot What&Why

What is a Chatbot?

Over the last two decades, we have been seeing lot of advancements and inventions in digital technology. With each new feature it proves to come closer to human and creates an inseparable space within us. One such advancement in this list will be the introduction of “Chatbots”. Chatbots first came to existence in 2016. Chatbots are primarily computer programs used for automating conversation and task with the users with the power of its AI (Artificial Intelligence). They are similar to messenger app where users can type or ask a question and chatbots responds them with correct information.

First, businesses and brand came up with good GUI (Graphical User Interface) in their websites or apps for gaining good customer attention and providing them with correct information. Now chatbots have shifted the importance to conversational interface for better communication with customers by giving them quick responses and keeping them engaged.

Why should we use Facebook Messenger Chatbots ?

Facebook with a huge user base proves to be a great medium for chatbots in order to gain more customers. This trend has made a clean sweep in the digital marketing world. Calling customer care or lodging complaints on websites/ social media becomes tedious and time consuming. We can automate the common customer interactions with chatbots and give customers quick responses whenever they need them. In addition to this, chatbots are also used for automating tasks like booking tickets, forecasting weather conditions, wireless transactions, booking rides, seeking doctor’s opinion, current news etc.

Hence, businesses and brands started using chatbots on their Facebook page to increase customer interaction and engagement. We can build bots on Facebook Messenger by using Facebook’s Wit.ai bot engine. A normal chatbot has limited power that responds only to specific set of commands but Facebook Messenger Chatbots have AI and understands the language, not just commands and tries to get smarter the more we interact with it. People can easily find the bots in Facebook when they search for it in the messenger search box and can start interacting with it.

Benefits of Chatbots

  • Quick response
  • Available when we need
  • Cost Effective
  • Future response based on past interest/ experience
  • Gain more customer engagement due to friendly approach
  • One place for entire task


Common Usage of Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Answer common customer service questions

Like placing orders, tracking your orders, directing user to customer service number or website if needed, raising complaints etc.PizzaHut ChatBot

Emphasize Personalized Content Delivery

They answer to your queries regarding the usage to the product, getting information regarding news or weather, getting expert advice etc. They serve as extension of your content marketing. By doing so, you can also direct the customer to your website for getting the full information which in turn increases traffic to your website
HealthTap ChatBot

Enhance continued relationship

Chatbots are designed to read user behavior and give them suggestions based on it. If the users subscribe for it, this acts as a good tool for maintaining relationship by sending them facts, challenges etc to involve them again to improve their relationship.

TechCrunch ChatBot

Offer specialized services for users

Few chatbots are used for performing services like paying bills, booking rides, booking bus or movie tickets, send money, money transfers when abroad etc in one go.TransferWire ChatBotConclusion

Digital marketers who rely on social media to gather audience can make use of Facebook platform who already have more than 1.2 billion user to make quick user connection. Message from Facebook is considered more personal than an email and hence the user engagement is more. Hence, Facebook Chatbots have gained more popularity among all sizes of businesses.  

(Below: Infographic representation of 30 best used Facebook chat bots)

Chatbot Infographic

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