Amazon Search

Amazon is popularly known to be the world’s largest online store. But it’s not only limited to that. It is gradually competing with the market ruling giants like Facebook and Google in terms of advertisements. It has also started competing with Netflix. After acquiring the complete foods market, Amazon has become a nightmare to the traditional grocers. Not limiting itself to all these but Amazon has also become the world’s biggest provider of cloud-computing services.

According to a survey, before navigating to other sites 56% of customers search for any products on Amazon. Along with the product they also find information like a review of the product, comments, similar products suggestion, we usually search for in Google before purchasing a product.


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Digital Marketing Training | Digital Marketing Courses in Mysore (Mysuru)

Digital marketing course mysore

Namaskara Mysuru! Now Learn Digital Marketing Modules with Hands on Experience in Mysore!

Online Marketing Institute & Training Pvt Ltd (O.M.i.T) launch its 4th Branch in Digital Marketing in Mysore!


About OMiT

OMiT started in 2015 in Silicon Valley on India, Bangalore. OMiT aims to provide best in class training with live projects to students to ensure the required skill sets are earned while under the training program. OMiT is a premium institute for any candidates to learn Digital Marketing with ‘Hands on Experience’ and earn industry required certifications like Google Analytics, Google Ad Words Certification, Facebook BluePrint Certification, Hootsuite Certification, Hubspot Certifications, and OMiT’s ‘Master in Digital Marketing Certificate’ along with Internship Certificate in Digital Marketing. (more…)

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Partner with us to grow alongside, we are franchising our brand.

Aspire to be an Entrepreneur? OMiT is introducing a franchise model!

Digital Marketing Training Franchisee

After building a brand in digital marketing training in Bangalore since 2015, OMiT (Online Marketing Institute & Training), we are building a legacy of Digital Marketing Training Program, building the Nation’s future Digital Marketers with OMiT since from then.

Revolutions are not born in declarations. They are born in people, with intentions. Intentions of changing the world. For one, for all, for the better. If you are passionate about leaving behind a legacy in the education space here is your chance to join hands with best Digital Marketing Training institute. With OMiT Franchise model anyone can earn at least 3-8 lakhs per month, if not more!

Why Digital Marketing?

 Digital Marketing is the present and the future. Considered to be worth over $70 billion dollars in India, the digital marketing industry has made a boom over the last few years, and it is only getting bigger everyday. With everyone being online at all times and technology improving everyday, businesses find the need to target their customers online, and thus there is an enormous number of job opportunities in the industry. We at OMiT have always strived to fill in these jobs with quality trained candidates, and now you have an opportunity to tap into this market with a brand that are pioneers in this industry.

 By 2020, there will be over 10,00,000 job opportunities for trained digital marketers in India, and that means over 4000 crores worth of business for you! OMiT takes pride in being one of the few institutes that provide excellent quality training to our students – No matter what, we never compromise on quality.

 Why is OMiT the right business choice for you?

 Trained over 2500+ students in just over 2 years.

  • Conducted training in various education institutes
  • Carried out corporate-level training over startups, established organizations, solopreneurs
  • 100% Placements record
  • Placed students in Google and other MNC’s
  • Completed over 30 batches successfully

 Since we started, not only have we trained 2500+ students, but we have trained students at colleges like CMS Jain, CMR University, Sindi College KLE College etc..  After opening our first branch at Basaveshwara Nagar in 2015, we opened our second branch at Koramangala just a year later. We’ve conducted corporate training at BlueValley, Legacy, CitricIDM and Precise Engineering. Other than that, recently we launched a scholarship programme where we provide free digital marketing training to students who deserve it. We’ve now also started conducting digital marketing workshops on a regular basis. If that’s not enough, we receive 20-30 enquiries everyday, have at least 20 registrations a month which goes to show that we are growing everyday.

Did you know?

There are only 3 recognized classroom training institutes in India, and OMiT is one of them!
How does it work?

With an investment of 10 lakhs, here’s what you’ll get

  • The OMiT brand
  • Trainer support from OMiT
  • Leads for the respective branch location
  • Training & Support
  • Placement Assistance
  • Marketing for the branch

So, what are you waiting for? Join the OMiT family, and become a successful entrepreneur today!


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Simple & Easy Guide to Social Media Image Sizes

Social media cheat sheet


In today’s business scenario, it is important that businesses have strong social media presence to reach mass audience and grow their sales. Strong social media presence calls for Social media optimisation and right image sizes.

In this fast paced scrolling world of social media, visual attention is the key to engagement of the users.Image representation and content is the king to increase brand awareness in Social media. Brands are getting creative every day in representing them visually through Social Medias.A Bad image can create a negative thought on the minds of users easily.Thus, companies should always stay creative and updated with the new changes in this platform. The below information provides simple and easy guide to represent your company/brand effectively in Social media in right image sizes. (more…)

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2018 Women’s Day Best Social Media Campaign!


Women’s day has gained huge amounts of attention. And 2018 year we have noticed many brands acknowledging the occasion, with some using it as a hook to generate headlines.

Jane Walker

Johnnie Walker is one of the most famous blended Scotches for many good reasons this women’s day, Johnnie Walker Scotch whiskey came up with an innovative concept with the brand’s famous striding man being replaced by a woman, Jane Walker.

Jane made her debut on a limited-edition bottle in the month of March in the U.S. for $34, with maker Diageo donating $1 from each bottle sold to organizations championing women’s causes. Jane will make her debut on a limited-edition bottle.   (more…)

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Why you need to focus on Bing Ads for your Business

Bing Ads

Whenever we plan for an Advertisement on search engines especially PPC campaigns we always end up with Google.


Of course, Google has the majority of world’s population and search engine market share


But as a marketer, we have to opt for all possible ways to reach our customers.


Most of the people ignore Bing because they think no one uses It.




Compared to the previous year Bing has shown a potential growth in the search engine market. Of course, Google has the maximum of PPC market share and search engine Market share, but it doesn’t mean that Bing should be ignored


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How to Track Your Ad Performance & Competition with Auction Insights

 Auction insights


What is Auction Insights

Auction insights is a tool which gives complete details about how the ads and the competitor’s ads are performing in the same auction.

By using the statistics given by auction insights you can plan your bidding, budget and to improve your ads in areas which it is not performing well.

These data can be seen in the campaign, ad groups or for your keywords

There is an option to segment the data by Time and Device

These information’s will help in strategies of the ad campaigns to get better results (more…)

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Which are the best Social Media Tools available?

Blog featured image


Instead of searching ‘which are the best social media tools available’? Ask yourself, why one should use Social Media Tools?


Well, to be frank, it is challenging to manage social media channels at one go, the reason is the social media manager gets lost on each and every log in with each channel as social media do have heavy engagement content. In fact, posting content on each channel may take 30-45 minutes. Hence to save this time we recommend to use social media tools to manage posting content on each social media channel.


What are the advantages if one use social media tools?

  • It saves a lot of time
  • By one login you can manage easily 3-6 social media channels
  • All social media channels under one platform, hence it is easy to observe user engagement
  • Gets better with social media analytics


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How to get Higher Quality Score in Google Adwords

Increase your quality score


Since there are trillions of users online and who search every day for your business and services, I recommend you to run advertisement through Google Adwords. Google Adwords consist of 6 types of advertisement in which Search Network Only ads can be run by any type of advertiser. In Search Only Network Ads the most important element is Quality Score and quality score can increase your ads ranking on top position and as well as decrease the CPC (cost per click) which means if your quality score is high then you get more return on investment than your competitors. Now let us discuss on how to get the higher quality score in Google Adwords.


Top tips to get Higher Quality Score in Google Adwords:


  1. Choosing the Right Keywords:

          Keywords are the main sources to fetch you the right customers which means choosing the right keywords we reach the niche audience.


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Is YouTube Red the Google’s next Billion Dollor project ?

Youtube Red

What is YouTube Red?

YouTube Red is monthly subscription service from YouTube that removes advertisements from videos. Launched in November 2014. By paying for a Red subscription i.e $ 10/month, users will be able to get rid of ads while still supporting their favorite channels.


Why would users subscribe for 10$?  When users can install AdBlock

Of course, users can install AdBlock.

But YouTube Red offers the below features.

  • Advertising-free streaming of videos, shows, and movies
  • Offline play
  • Background playback of videos on mobile devices
  • Ad-free music streaming
  • YouTube Red Original series and films
  • YouTube Red comes with a subscription to the Google Play Music streaming service for $10.


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