14 Misconceptions about Social Media


My customers aren’t on Social Media

This is a myth.

Nowadays everyone uses Social media. In fact, Facebook now has over Two billion of active users. Utilising Social Media platforms in the right way is an important aspect of Digital Marketing. Today`s business owners hold some misconceptions about social media. This could be due to the fact that they are not using social media in a right way and it’s difficult to keep up with it.



1) Google+ is Useless

Google+ posts will be indexed by search engine which boosts your SEO results and improves CTR.  You can find more targeted communities to join. You can promote your products or share your posts, blogs, articles and images. Google+ helps you rank at the top of SERP page.

2) Don’t Share the Same Content on all Social Media Platforms

If you think that redundancy of posts will irritate your customers then you are wrong. Redundancy of posts particularly can do more good to your business. You can build brand and bring awareness about your product or services by promoting them in all social media channels.

3) Bad Reviews are Bad for Business

Usually many businesses try to reduce the negative reviews on their social media page. Negative reviews can actually be seen as an opportunity to convert an unsatisfied customer to a loyal fan by addressing review properly.

People always have their opinions so allow them to express openly. There is no need to fear for the negative reviews as you can justify and also helps in improving your products and/or services.

4) Sharing your Competitor’s Content is a Bad Idea

Its ok to share your competitor`s content to your audience.  You can provide more useful content to your own audience and they will be thankful for it.

5) Using Trending Hashtags will Help in Business

Using more or irrelevant hashtags will not help your business but only annoy your customers. Social media is all about providing relevant and useful information to your customers. Always use relevant and accurate hashtags.

6) Social Media is only for Younger Generations

Nowadays people of every age use social media channels. Facebook alone has 1.23 billion of active users. Facebook is the most used social media platforms among all ages.

7) All Social Media Channels are the Same

Every social media channel has its own special features and specific audience.  Ex: B2B companies find more success in LinkedIn than other Social Media channels.

8) Social Media is a hobby not a career

Social Media isn’t just a hobby because Social Media Marketing is truly beneficial for your business in aspects of bringing awareness, building brand and promoting your product or services. It is important and necessary to gain more customers.

9) Social Media is not required when there is a search engine

We all agree that Search engine truly helps you to rank if you have right keywords. Due to high competition and changing of algorithm it is very difficult for the small scale industries to solely relay on Search Engine.

By using Social Media Marketing you can promote your product and services. It helps to find the right audience quickly and easily rather than waiting your customers to search you via search engine.


10) Social Media is all about being present all the time.

In Social Media it is very important to have a strategy and stick to it. Posting a lot of content on social media doesn’t impress your audience. Here, quality is more important than quantity. Check which posts work better and try to improve the quality of posts.

11) Social Media is easy

Social Media looks very easy because everyone is on it. In Business, Social Media Marketing is a very tough job. You can connect to right customers only if you use right strategy.  Incorrect use of Social Media or conveying inappropriate message can cause damage to your business.

12) Social Media is Free

Social Media is not exactly free. We can join any Social Media channel for free, but that doesn`t mean that they don’t charge for anything – we still need to invest to run ad campaigns in Social Media.

13) Success in Social Media is based on Luck

This is not true. Social Media Campaigns can be extremely successful if you understand your clients business and strategize your plans accordingly by reaching your exact target audience. The final result can leave you with an engaged audience and loyal customers.

14) More Followers means More Business

Big numbers doesn`t actually mean much. Measure your success based on the engagement level of your posts. Having a million followers should not be your main goal. Here too, quality is more important than quantity.

Social media Infographic

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Do not let these Social Media misconceptions stop you in acquiring more potential customers. If you need to engage regularly with your customers then Social Media is the best tool.

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