Facebook Messenger Chatbots: What is it? Why do we need them?

FB Chatbot What&Why

What is a Chatbot?

Over the last two decades, we have been seeing lot of advancements and inventions in digital technology. With each new feature it proves to come closer to human and creates an inseparable space within us. One such advancement in this list will be the introduction of “Chatbots”. Chatbots first came to existence in 2016. Chatbots are primarily computer programs used for automating conversation and task with the users with the power of its AI (Artificial Intelligence). They are similar to messenger app where users can type or ask a question and chatbots responds them with correct information.

First, businesses and brand came up with good GUI (Graphical User Interface) in their websites or apps for gaining good customer attention and providing them with correct information. Now chatbots have shifted the importance to conversational interface for better communication with customers by giving them quick responses and keeping them engaged.

Why should we use Facebook Messenger Chatbots ?

Facebook with a huge user base proves to be a great medium for chatbots in order to gain more customers. This trend has made a clean sweep in the digital marketing world. Calling customer care or lodging complaints on websites/ social media becomes tedious and time consuming. We can automate the common customer interactions with chatbots and give customers quick responses whenever they need them. In addition to this, chatbots are also used for automating tasks like booking tickets, forecasting weather conditions, wireless transactions, booking rides, seeking doctor’s opinion, current news etc.

Hence, businesses and brands started using chatbots on their Facebook page to increase customer interaction and engagement. We can build bots on Facebook Messenger by using Facebook’s Wit.ai bot engine. A normal chatbot has limited power that responds only to specific set of commands but Facebook Messenger Chatbots have AI and understands the language, not just commands and tries to get smarter the more we interact with it. People can easily find the bots in Facebook when they search for it in the messenger search box and can start interacting with it.

Benefits of Chatbots

  • Quick response
  • Available when we need
  • Cost Effective
  • Future response based on past interest/ experience
  • Gain more customer engagement due to friendly approach
  • One place for entire task


Common Usage of Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Answer common customer service questions

Like placing orders, tracking your orders, directing user to customer service number or website if needed, raising complaints etc.PizzaHut ChatBot

Emphasize Personalized Content Delivery

They answer to your queries regarding the usage to the product, getting information regarding news or weather, getting expert advice etc. They serve as extension of your content marketing. By doing so, you can also direct the customer to your website for getting the full information which in turn increases traffic to your website
HealthTap ChatBot

Enhance continued relationship

Chatbots are designed to read user behavior and give them suggestions based on it. If the users subscribe for it, this acts as a good tool for maintaining relationship by sending them facts, challenges etc to involve them again to improve their relationship.

TechCrunch ChatBot

Offer specialized services for users

Few chatbots are used for performing services like paying bills, booking rides, booking bus or movie tickets, send money, money transfers when abroad etc in one go.TransferWire ChatBotConclusion

Digital marketers who rely on social media to gather audience can make use of Facebook platform who already have more than 1.2 billion user to make quick user connection. Message from Facebook is considered more personal than an email and hence the user engagement is more. Hence, Facebook Chatbots have gained more popularity among all sizes of businesses.  

(Below: Infographic representation of 30 best used Facebook chat bots)

Chatbot Infographic

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Top ten reasons to ensure your business is Digitally Optimized

80% of the people research online before purchasing from a company!
Yes you read it right! 80 percent!
With the increasing technology small and medium scale businesses are doing everything possible to sustain in the growing market. It is very important for a company to exist online as the world is changing into a digital world. Attracting the right audience online the most important and difficult task. This draws a line between a successfully prospering business and a failed business in terms of the digital world. Having a high traffic website without actual conversion is of no use. The digital arena also provides one with various tools which help in rectifying any error which leads to unwanted traffic.

The following 10 reasons give tell you why it is important to have a company which is digitally optimized.

1. Digital marketing is more cost effective than traditional marketing

Small businesses have very less resources and capital. Digital marketing provides them with a better and much more effective marketing channel that delivers better results.
40% have claimed that they have saved a reasonable amount of money through digital marketing. (According to Gartners digital marketing spend report)
Digital marketers get better Cost per Lead compared to other marketing channels.

2. Digital marketing not only builds brand but also delivers conversion

Online marketers measure success by the percentage rate of incoming traffic getting converted into leads.
Search engine marketing, Search engine optimization and social media generate quick and effective interaction with targeted audience and delivers best results in terms of higher conversion rates.

3. Digital marketing builds brand reputation

The era of digital marketing makes building a brand easy. Sounds very easy right? But no. It takes its own time and effort but is definitely faster than the traditional method.

4. Digital marketing being the most convenient way to reach the ones looking out for you

Digital marketing is not only restricted to a destop but also extends to smart phones and tablets.

5. Digital marketing entices people to take favorable actions

Digital marketers can use clever and innovative ways of attracting customers by using call to action.
Call to action specifies what the customer has to do next.

6. Digital marketing earns peoples trust

In the digital world everything has to be transparent. Therefore one gets to know the quality of service/product the company is providing. It also shows reviews to customers if any. Being present in various social media channels also helps in building trust among customers.

7. Digital marketing provides better ROI for marketing investments

The key to success in Digital marketing however is to generate a steady flow of targeted traffic that converts into leads. The more the business generates traffic and converts them into leads the faster they realize better ROI.

8. Digital marketing is very flexible in nature

Digital marketing campaigns can be changed in a few clicks. If a campaign is not successful it can immediately be altered and rectified according to the need.

9. Digital marketing facilitates insights

Unlike traditional way of marketing in digital marketing one can know how many impressions were served, where they were served, and when.
It also helps us know the exact cost in acquiring a lead.

10. Digital marketing helps in responding back immediately to the customer

If there’s a problem with your product or service, you get immediate feedback from the customer. In social media you’ll be the first to know when there are issues – and you can take steps to resolve them right away. Study after study has shown that consumers appreciate companies that respond to customer complaints

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Is SEO Dead?

SEO IS DEAD – True or False?

So, Is SEO dead?


This is not the first or the last “death” of SEO. Over the years, there have been multiple occasions at which people claimed that SEO is going to die – but it hasn’t happened so far, and it isn’t going to either.

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of ranking your website on the Search Engine Results Page organically. This is irrespective of whether the techniques are white, grey or black hat. So, saying that SEO is dead because some techniques of SEO are not going to work anymore doesn’t add up.

Many of the people who claim SEO is dead are saying so because their SEO efforts haven’t given them results. But it is important for people to remember that every business, every website is unique and needs a different strategy. Something that works for someone else isn’t necessarily going to work for you. You have to optimise your website after looking at all the different techniques – see what works for you, and then stick to that strategy. Trial and Error is what will give you what works for your website – it won’t happen with one try. A e-commerce website can’t have the same strategy as a restaurant’s website.

In addition to this, it is very important to use the right techniques and stay updated on algorithm changes and trends, and content should not only be relevant but valuable to the user as well.

What People are Saying vs What we have to say about SEO


  1. “If it doesn’t die now, it will soon
     SEO is nowhere close to dying. In fact, with all the algorithm updates and the increase in voice search and the importance of the user experience, SEO is only becoming more important.
  2. “Content is going to replace SEO
     Content and SEO go together. The importance of quality content is increasing every day, but that doesn’t mean SEO is less important now. Quality content helps with SEO, but if the website hasn’t been optimised well enough already, what is the point of this quality content?
  3. “The old SEO is dead”
    That still means that SEO is alive.
    Yes, SEO has changed a lot, but it always has and always will keep changing.  It is very dynamic and to get good results one needs to be updated. If so much effort is being put into updating algorithms and ranking factors, that just shows that SEO is definitely important.

Why is SEO more important now than ever?


  • There have been many new algorithms and updates over the years, which have only made SEO stronger – not weaker.
  • These have looked into practices that were used as tricks to rank easier – like spamming and keyword stuffing – and many others that today we avoid to prevent being penalised.  
  • Today, since there are much more mobile search queries than desktop, it is important for every website to not only have a mobile version but this version should also provide a great user experience. Failing to do so can lead to penalties in the form of lower ranks.
  • Voice Search is upcoming, and updates are being directed towards providing better and more accurate results for these searches.
  • While searching via voice, people use conversational language, and it is important for websites to take this into consideration while choosing keywords.


SEO is most certainly not dead. Rumours about SEO dying are as old as SEO itself. Once these start, multiple people will start writing blogs about it, but the majority of these are always about the rumours being false. The Death of SEO is a recurring trend that we have seen many times before, and we will continue to see – but we don’t need to worry about it anytime soon.

Happy Optimising!
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To learn more about Search engine optimisation – SEO Training


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14 Misconceptions about Social Media


My customers aren’t on Social Media

This is a myth.

Nowadays everyone uses Social media. In fact, Facebook now has over Two billion of active users. Utilising Social Media platforms in the right way is an important aspect of Digital Marketing. Today`s business owners hold some misconceptions about social media. This could be due to the fact that they are not using social media in a right way and it’s difficult to keep up with it.



1) Google+ is Useless

Google+ posts will be indexed by search engine which boosts your SEO results and improves CTR.  You can find more targeted communities to join. You can promote your products or share your posts, blogs, articles and images. Google+ helps you rank at the top of SERP page.

2) Don’t Share the Same Content on all Social Media Platforms

If you think that redundancy of posts will irritate your customers then you are wrong. Redundancy of posts particularly can do more good to your business. You can build brand and bring awareness about your product or services by promoting them in all social media channels.

3) Bad Reviews are Bad for Business

Usually many businesses try to reduce the negative reviews on their social media page. Negative reviews can actually be seen as an opportunity to convert an unsatisfied customer to a loyal fan by addressing review properly.

People always have their opinions so allow them to express openly. There is no need to fear for the negative reviews as you can justify and also helps in improving your products and/or services.

4) Sharing your Competitor’s Content is a Bad Idea

Its ok to share your competitor`s content to your audience.  You can provide more useful content to your own audience and they will be thankful for it.

5) Using Trending Hashtags will Help in Business

Using more or irrelevant hashtags will not help your business but only annoy your customers. Social media is all about providing relevant and useful information to your customers. Always use relevant and accurate hashtags.

6) Social Media is only for Younger Generations

Nowadays people of every age use social media channels. Facebook alone has 1.23 billion of active users. Facebook is the most used social media platforms among all ages.

7) All Social Media Channels are the Same

Every social media channel has its own special features and specific audience.  Ex: B2B companies find more success in LinkedIn than other Social Media channels.

8) Social Media is a hobby not a career

Social Media isn’t just a hobby because Social Media Marketing is truly beneficial for your business in aspects of bringing awareness, building brand and promoting your product or services. It is important and necessary to gain more customers.

9) Social Media is not required when there is a search engine

We all agree that Search engine truly helps you to rank if you have right keywords. Due to high competition and changing of algorithm it is very difficult for the small scale industries to solely relay on Search Engine.

By using Social Media Marketing you can promote your product and services. It helps to find the right audience quickly and easily rather than waiting your customers to search you via search engine.


10) Social Media is all about being present all the time.

In Social Media it is very important to have a strategy and stick to it. Posting a lot of content on social media doesn’t impress your audience. Here, quality is more important than quantity. Check which posts work better and try to improve the quality of posts.

11) Social Media is easy

Social Media looks very easy because everyone is on it. In Business, Social Media Marketing is a very tough job. You can connect to right customers only if you use right strategy.  Incorrect use of Social Media or conveying inappropriate message can cause damage to your business.

12) Social Media is Free

Social Media is not exactly free. We can join any Social Media channel for free, but that doesn`t mean that they don’t charge for anything – we still need to invest to run ad campaigns in Social Media.

13) Success in Social Media is based on Luck

This is not true. Social Media Campaigns can be extremely successful if you understand your clients business and strategize your plans accordingly by reaching your exact target audience. The final result can leave you with an engaged audience and loyal customers.

14) More Followers means More Business

Big numbers doesn`t actually mean much. Measure your success based on the engagement level of your posts. Having a million followers should not be your main goal. Here too, quality is more important than quantity.

Social media Infographic

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Do not let these Social Media misconceptions stop you in acquiring more potential customers. If you need to engage regularly with your customers then Social Media is the best tool.

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OMiT’s 100% Placement Secret in Digital Marketing

OMiT’s 100% Placement Secret: Revealed to Digital Marketing Students and Employers.

2-compressor“The best practices should be shared”. People wonder how OMiT can place every student constantly. It is a firm practice which we urge to share with Digital Marketing Industry to supply Qualified Digital Marketers. We aim at the sky of “Quality”, landing on earth of “Business Ethics” and the best practice will bridge the distance.

Sourcing of companies
1-compressor (1)

Getting right companies and placing our students in right companies is a key to build a brand in the placement process. We follow below methods to find good companies and create various types of job opportunities for students to prove their calibre.

  • Social Media Channels

You can Leverage Social media channels in identifying better companies. FaceBook and LinkedIn are best channels to find the openings in companies. But in most of the FaceBook posts, JD and company name will be unclear. So it is better to get in touch with the given contact and get the details.

  • Job portals

There are many job portals with lots job vacancies but we rarely found quality openings. However, we still work on this option also with free versions.

  • Reference from Ex students

Alumni’s has a better bonding with us still because of the quality we maintained and efforts we put in placing them. In turn they are referring our students to their companies when they have openings. In this way we are able to place many students.

  • Coordination with Job Consultancies

We have built a strong network with job consultancies and they are approaching us regularly in case of requirements. This is kind of strong source to get job vacancies.

  • Direct Enquiries

The high quality in training and Brand name we created in the market, we get regular enquiries for hiring our students in their companies. We could successfully place many students through direct enquiries.



The motive of every student who joins Digital Marketing is to make a better career, irrespective of what background they are from. The different background of students led to diversity and channelizing the efforts of everyone in the same direction is a challenge for the Digital Marketing institutes. Below are some of the practices would support to drive every student into Digital Marketing.

  • Score Card

Have a pre defined score card which should look like a time table for the entire course. Every week conduct Presentations, Q n A sessions, Online tests and assign scores for every individual. This will build competition and inculcate the learning spirit.

  • Resume build

Have a sample resume and send it to students once the course is completed. Ask students to prepare a resume with the same format but without copy paste of the content. Students should mention only those topics in which he is confident and can answers questions raised by the interviewer because most of the interviewers refer resume to ask questions.

  • Mock Interview

Before you send candidates for interview have mock interviews in your institute. It will give you the idea about the student’s knowledge level and interview skills. Give them the necessary suggestions to improve the areas he/she is lagging behind.

  • Revision Classes

If any student is unclear on the topics, better to have revision class or arrange them to attend the other batch class where the same topics are covering. This will really enhance the confidence of the student.

  • Individual Attention

Having said already on diversity among students, it is very important to have individual attention on each student and make effort to drive everyone in the same phase. It’s a training skill and supporting to that OMiT admits a minimum number of students only per batch.

  • Advanced training modules and skills

The training modules we follow are up to the industry standard along with live projects. This will enhance the student’s confidence level in attending an interview.

Best Practices

4-compressorIn order to leverage the opportunity of Digital Marketing jobs and fulfil the need with quality, we have adopted the below best practices.

  • Identify the student’s area of expertise

By students performance in the class and mock interviews, we can identify the area of expertise of a student. We suggest openings based on their best knowledge level. Example if a student is good in SEO then we focus more on SEO related jobs.

  • Check Online Reputation of the companies

If any approach from the new company, we check online reviews of the company. We don’t prefer to send our candidates to companies with poor ORM. In this way, we build trust among students and maintain a reputation with companies.

  • JD and Student skill set

We always try to have proper JD and check the students who are matching to the requirement. Prioritise such students for an interview first. By this technique, we could increase our success rate.

  • Maintaining tracker

We use some tools to track the entire process of placement. We always maintain data like the company, source, contact details, available vacancy, JD, Location, Status, students attended interview and students who got selected.

  • Better Coordination

Effective coordination with students and companies on time will deliver a better result. When more number of students are there to place and dealing with many companies, we need to be on top of the process to achieve success.

  • Feedback

We try to take feedback from the interviewers all the time but everyone will not provide it. However, it is not good practice to seek feedback and work on feedback.

Adhere to the principles.


OMiT always operates with Ethics and Principles. We never compromise with our principles at any circumstances. This has really helped us in maintaining quality and achieve 100% placement.

  • Maximum 10 students per batch

We always admit maximum 10 students only to a batch in order to attain individual attention on each student as already said.

  • Take demo class for enquiries who are in dilemma

Some enquiries will not have clarity on digital marketing. In such case, we take mandatory demo class to give clarity, if they convinced then we proceed to admission. This will help to have quality students.

  • Check capability of an enquired person

If we feel that the person is not capable doing digital marketing due to any reason, we will not admit such person.

  • Maintain transparency in discussion

We clearly explain all the terms and conditions with respect to placements before taking admission and this transparent discussion gained trust and faith.

To conclude, the success in placements will take the institute towards success and placements will be successful only if the institute maintains quality in its operations. OMiT is always driving towards quality and it’s the only way to achieve 100% placement. OMiT is the right place for you to start your career in Digital Marketing. Contact us on info@omit.in to get Digital Marketing Experts or to make your career.

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Google Introduces Rich Cards in Webmaster Tools

Google has new mobile preferable concept another search appearance based change for websites to rank on top of SERP search engine result page on 17 May 2016.

This is what Google Webmaster Central Blog says “Rich cards are a new Search result format building on the success of rich snippets. Just like rich snippets, rich cards use schema.org structured markup to display content in an even more engaging and visual format, with a focus on providing a better mobile user experience.”

How will rich card impact the appearance of Google search on Mobile:

google rich card appearancce

Picture Source: webmasters.googleblog.com

To find more information visit: https://webmasters.googleblog.com/2016/05/introducing-rich-cards.html

Learn digital marketing courses in OMiT.

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Digital Marketing Classes in Bangalore

Are you searching for Digital Marketing Classes in Bangalore? Are you confused about the courses of Digital Marketing? Or are you confused which institute or training centre to pick? Then read the below article!

OMiT deliver a programs which are defined by the industry experts and OMiT faculty, our digital marketing program recognized by both individuals and corporate, we provide global perspective locally and around the world.

By using the support of latest technology and dedicated team to provide extensive digital marketing training with high standard of training in digital marketing to students facing an ever changing job market. The evolution of new methods in training in the field of digital marketing classes has driven OMiT to focus on quality training for all deserving students and enable them with the power of knowledge and skills to secure a better career in digital marketing.

digital marketing classes

Digital Marketing Classes Offered

Digital Marketing Courses:

Our Digital Marketing trainers are Google Analytics and Google Adwords certified professionals. Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore with live training and 100% job assistance. The course includes SEO, SEM & Social Media

SEO Training:

Become certified SEO analyst with OMiT’s best training methods in the worlds and get 40% hike in your job.

SEM Training:

Become certified Adwords specialist with OMiT and start your career as “Campaign Manager” Our faculty has rich and vivid experience in successful SEM training and campaigns in their career.

Social Media Training:

Start your career as Social Media Marketing Professional with OMiT 4 months training and placement program. Our Social Media classes are unique and very interactive when it is compared to other institutes.
Also OMiT is into “Corporate Training” for those who look forward to get their employees on Digital Marketing platform.

Why OMiT as your Training Institute for Digital Marketing?

This is one question from everyone and of course it should be, and the benefits of joining OMiT are;

  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • 100% Training on Digital Marketing
  • 100% Placement record till date
  • 100% transparency and policy guidelines and student agreement.
  • For fresher the starting package is between 3.6 laks/annum to 6 laks/annum
  • Aim to make a student professional in digital marketing no matter how much efforts it takes
  • Best faculty in the industry
  • One of the best training institute to have best methods in training for digital marketing
  • You can pay fees in instalments
  • Fees will be refunded if in case student is not happy with OMiT or if he/she thinks they can’t learn digital marketing

OMiT is becoming brand in India and soon will be in worldwide, OMiT aims at delivering best possible solutions to Digital Marketing Industry by training the candidates and placing them in the best companies.
For more information you can mail us at info@omit.in or visit www.omit.in or call us on 08023221234
Have a great learning ahead!

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Top 5 Benefits of Digital Marketing in 2016

Before moving onto benefits of digital marketing, let us know how it came into existence. Since 2012 the Digital Marketing in India is in the top notch with respect to growth, business, popularity and jobs as well. Digital Marketing agencies have been creating awesome campaigns, strategies for their clients and for themselves too. Since 4 years the Digital Marketing industry has created noise and pulled down all eye balls to it. Today an organization’s first preference is to be present on Digital Marketing and grab the available opportunities with both hands to make business and brand building activity.

Still many people and companies do not know why Digital Marketing is important?

  • Digital marketing is nothing but online marketing
  • Everyone of us have smart phone and do lot of search in online before we make any decisions
  • Digital marketing is accurate in targeting customers
  • Digital marketing is 100% measurable and transparent in spends
  • Digital marketing helps organizations to build brand at much cost efficient way
  • Digital marketing is more effective than the traditional marketing
  • Digital marketing delivers conversations or leads
  • Digital marketing facilitates interaction with targeted audiences
  • Digital marketing provides better ROI’s
  • Digital marketing earns people trust
  • Digital marketing entices people to take favourable actions

Above are the best answer for “why digital marketing?”

Since 4 years there are certain changes in digital marketing too, like trends, strategies, life style, and many more. But the basics of digital marketing have never changed. Well let us have a look at benefits of digital marketing.

Top Benefits of Digital Marketing of 2016

  1. Mobile users (Smart Phone) segment has rapidly increased and this help digital marketer to target much specifically.
  2. Google algorithm in 2016 has got major changes and improvements which help websites to crawl and index in much better positions.
  3. Social media is a charm of Digital Marketing Industry, people spending more time and talking about current trends, sharing videos and many more activities hence this could be the right time for the marketers to catch the best available platform to create maximum awareness.
  4. Google Adwords is one more medium where in you advertise more aggressively than the before because of Google’s strict policy guidelines, earlier the ads of were not relevant to your search sometimes, but now Google has updates itself in much better way and helps you in getting relevant audience who is in search of similar services or products
  5. Google new update is ‘Google AdWords Switching to 4 Ads on Top, None on Sidebar’ this means chances of more visits and quality leads on your website.

Hope you enjoyed while reading the article! Please do share to all Digital Marketers.

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How to Become Digital Marketing Expert?

Before the topic become digital marketing expert, let us understand what digital marketing is and how you become expert in digital marketing. After reading this article, you will know how OMiT trains people to become digital marketing experts.

Well most of us still astonishing, what is DIGITAL MARKETING?

Online marketing or digital marketing both are synonyms for each other. People often get confused with online marketing and digital marketing, but unfortunately both are same. So what is online marketing or digital marketing is all about? Why digital marketing has become the hottest jobs for 2016 beating IT jobs especially in India!

The answer is very simple, digital marketing is very cost efficient, target specific and best roi tool for the companies who love more return on less investments. Above all Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing of products or services using digital technologies to reach and convert leads into customers and retain them. The key objective is to promote brands, build preference and increase sales through various digital marketing techniques like SEO, SEM, & Social Media.

So the big question is how to become digital marketing expert?

become digital marketing expert

There are many ways to become digital marketing expert,

  • Self learning (You will understand only the definition)
  • Join as a fresher in any digital marketing agency (starting package is 10K or by intership), however to understand digital marketing you will take 2-3 years
  • Join digital marketing training institutes

We would like to discuss further on joining DIGITAL MARKETING TRAINING INSTITUTES

Joining Digital Marketing Training Institutes!

You will see many institutes in Google when you search “Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Bangalore”

What you need to look in to is;

  • What are you learning
  • What is your roles and responsibility while getting trained
  • What all certificates you are going to get
  • What is the placement opportunity

When it comes to OMiT (Online Marketing Institute & Training) we make sure you’re learning all the above and more than the digital marketing.

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09 Effective Social Media (SMM) tools for your Business

At the outset, Social Media is the latest happening outlet in the publicity media and social media tools are the key to analyse and improve your performance. If one is not part of social media, then he/she or the company is considered as not in sync with the latest trend. Similarly most of the institutions/enterprises are seen on social media just like most individuals as that is the platform where lot of trends are noticed and shared.

If one were to make effective use of Social Media to share information on products or services, it is advisable to know which are the most advanced social media tools used in the social media. To name a few most effective tools, here is a list of the same – each social media tool with a distinctly effective advantage:

Social Media Tools

Top Social Media Tools:

  1. Bitly – You may not be surprised that I included bit.ly in this list. You may not even have heard of such
    a service. bit.ly is used for URL shortening – it takes a long web address and shortens it for easy sharing
    of your website links helping visitors in various social media channels to navigate back to the required landing page and also very useful in channels like twitter where character space counts. It is one of the popular social media tools used worldwide.
  2. Buffer – Is another social media tool which is used more than any other social media tools. For easy posting or sharing of all your posts to your social networks except Google+, Buffer is the tool. Buffer is different as it is mainly for scheduling your posts. The advantage of this is that you can post to Twitter or Facebook when your followers are more likely to be online. Your followers might be online on Twitter or Facebook in the evening once you’ve done for the day – Buffer posts automatically at times you choose throughout the week. Anytime you add a post to Buffer, you choose the network or networks you want to post it to and it gets added to each network’s queue. As well as that Buffer have great mobile apps for iPhone and Android smartphones and you can even link it to other apps.


  1. Feedly – Feedly is a popular among other social media tools used for sharing in all social media platforms. People are more likely to invest in you if you invest in others – especially if you are sharing their content. If you are tracking some websites for great articles/blogs they produce and want to share it with others, you can use Feedly in your browser or on your mobile. You can save an article for later or instantly share to Buffer or another social network. Feedly allows you to easily share articles, write-ups or blogs to all your social networks throughout the week.


  1. MailChimp MailChimp offers an email marketing & newsletter service with a long, proven record. Each month, MailChimp sends out around 40 crore emails and takes enough care of all the issues that can arise from sending out emails to your clients.Building up your own database of email contacts is vital for the majority of small businesses. It helps you with more information about your customers or potential ones. MailChimp makes this so easy and over time you can input more information like demographics (age, gender, location etc).


  1. LastPass – LastPass allows you to have top security across all your social networks and never have to remember more than one password. How many sites and applications do you use that require a password? How do you remember the password? You must be using the same password for everything, or even for just a few. To solve this problem of remembering multiple passwords your ultimate tool would be LastPass. You can also do the LastPass Password Challenge to see how secure you are.


  1. Edocr – One of the golden rules of social media marketing is not to talk about yourself all the time. If you share content from other sources, you’ll not only build relationships but you’ll create trust. Giving away stuff for free is part of content marketing and building trust as well as it shows people that you are adept in your field. One of the easiest ways to give free-bees away is by creating an e-book. For example if you own a cake shop, why don’t you create a recipe e-book for people to download? The e-book depends on the type of business you own. When people download or read your e-books you’ll be able to talk to them soon and hopefully some of them will turn into customers. When you upload an e-book to edocr, you will appear in the edocr directory and will be searchable for any edocr user and on the web. When a user reads your e-book, you get notified by email and then you will able to follow up on that lead. Another unique feature is, you can link your edocr profile with Google+ which means that Google will list your e-books with you as author – that will go on to become an important thing.


  1. ManageFlitter – ManageFlitter is a Twitter follower tool. On a basic level it allows you to quickly check who are not following you and then having the option of unfollowing them in bulk. You can find and weed out spam followers or irrelevant followers.


  1. LikeAlyzer – It analyzes Facebook pages, and generates reports highlighting areas for improvement. This tool is resource that is invaluable for businesses new to social media. The page-rank section allows business to see how they stack up against compeitive brands and by industry standards.


  1. SocialBro – SocialBro tracks community engagement on a simple graph and is widely used for Twitter. This is a tool made for businesses with the goal of encashing their followings.


On meticulously going through and studying about the above tools, I am sure you would agree with me in affirmative that these are indeed very useful tools particularly for small and medium enterprises.

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